About Us

The Company

ArtOnIt Makeup is a unique color cosmetic line created by Sergio Escalona, a true artist who discovers he could translate his artistic talent from the canvas to the Artistry of Makeup. After 23 years of passion for Art and Beauty ArtOnIt Makeup was born.
 Every color and formula in ArtOnIt Makeup has been carefully formulated and crafted with the highest quality components. 
The artistic view of the line makes it desirable, especially for women with an appreciation for the arts. So Chic!

 When using ArtOnIt, You are using more than barely any makeup. You own a piece of Art, The Artist heart, and soul. Hundreds of hours of creativity, inspiration, passion and pure joy. Most importantly, you are extending a work of beautiful art onto yourself.
 Art: The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.
 On: Physically in contact with and supported by a surface.

 It: Used to refer to a thing previously mentioned or easily identified.

The Founder

Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, the creator of ArtOnit Makeup, started to demonstrate his artistic abilities at a very young age.  Every aspect of his life has always been involved with music and visual arts.  At age 11 he studied with the world-renowned painter, Rechany, thus excelling his creativity and imagination.  A few years later his music talent also proved great achievement after he was in a professional musical group.  This feat exposed him to international success within the musical arts atmosphere by traveling to different parts of the world. He then attained his Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts.
 Always seeking to use his artistic abilities, Sergio discovered the world of makeup. He was now using color and technique creatively but on a different “canvas”.  His great talent and professionalism brought him to the states, which led him to share his ideals and philosophies with many of the most prestigious cosmetic brands today.
In 1998, he showed great talent in makeup artistry, which brought him to Europe where he toured throughout Spain and Italy for several years as a lead makeup artist.  During this time, this strengthened his passion for the visual arts, absorbing the rich culture that today can be seen reflected through his art.
His love for the arts and his vision of beauty made him have the most extraordinary idea.  To create a concept, combining his two passions, Art and Beauty.  In 2010, Sergio began to start product development, thus creating ArtOnit Makeup as a brand in 2012.  His vision was now a reality- a makeup brand that is not only of high standards and quality, but where the actual product, is a piece of art that any woman can hold, call their own, and express their love of art in their daily lives.