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ArtOnIt Makeup Hacks

ArtOnIt Makeup Hacks

Hello darlings,

I wanted to share with you one of the many ArtOnIt makeup hacks you will love. The products we will be focusing on are ArtOnIt's eyeliners, Le Stylo Art Beautè Yeux and two of their eye shadows, Ombre À Paupiéres.

What's amazing about these eyeliners, is that you can use them as they are for any look, or you can make them more dramatic with this technique. The eyeliner itself works as a magnet which attracts color.

To better demonstrate how this is done, first you apply CAT NOIR as you would with any other eyeliner.

Once you have done so then you may add the desired eyeshadow color onto the eyeliner. I have provided you with two different colors, yet we have a variety of eyeshadows you can choose from. I decided to add the Bewitched eyeshadow for my right eye.

As for the left eye I used Dragon Fly. A beautiful, rich, green that you can't get enough of.

So there you have it! ArtOnIt has a variety of eyeshadows in which you can do this makeup hack with and never get bored. Feel free to try these and share with us your favorite color combination. You won't be disappointed.

Hope you've enjoyed this makeup hack and remember, stay FABULOUS!