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2020 Makeup Trends

It's not rare to see a lot of blues this year; after all, Pantone chose Classic Blue at the color for 2020.

Many women are terrified of using blue Eyeshadow. However, all colors are possible to wear if you just know-how. One of the trends for the eyes this new year is blue Eyeshadow and white eyeliner. As scary as it sounds, it can be applied beautifully. Artonit founder Sergio Escalona suggests that using Sky Dive blue eyeshadow on the lower lid and blurring it with Angelo face glow will create a subtle pop of color to the eye. At the same time, the white eyeliner opens the eye when applied at the lower waterline.

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Check Angelo Face Glow here: https://www.artonitmakeup.com/product-page/angelo

A subtle pop of color is the safest way to go. The best way to obtain this without the fear of looking extreme is a color liner. Le Stylo Art Beaute is a felt-tip black eyeliner that works as a magnet for any Artonit eyeshadows. Trace Cat Noir over the lashes and add Bewitched on top of the liner with a flat-lining brush.

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See-Through Blush

Flush or flash does not matter. The trend for 2020 when it comes to rouge. The blush should look see-through, like a flush of color. Artonit founder Escalona, created Liquid Ecstasy formula himself. Looking at how to add a bit of color to his olive complexion, Escalona experimented with organic, essential and aromatherapeutic oils, vegetable colors, pigment, and mica until he got what is known today as Liquid Ecstasy. An aromatherapeutic liquid oil for your cheeks. One of the brand Top-sellers

This lightweight formula is impossible to overdo and give cheeks a subtle, watercolor-like tint. The good news for those who experimenting can be arduous, we have Be Good, the safest way to add a hue of blush to your cheeks without ever overdoing the color.

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The Classic Bold Lip

Fantastic news for the bold and beautiful. The classic bold lipstick is back. The fastest tool to look polished in a second. If you want to look like you spend more than a few minutes with your makeup, apply a bold lipstick, a little concealer, and groom your brows. It makes your makeup look like you put in more effort than you did. Perhaps there is no way you will use a bold lipstick color; that is OK. Bright lipsticks are not for everyone. No matter what your preference is when it comes to lipstick, think BOLD when you choose the shade that suits you best.

Lip-liner Esquisse 10: https://www.artonitmakeup.com/product-page/esquisse-10

Lipstick Vincent: https://www.artonitmakeup.com/product-page/vincent

Check below for these bold, everyday lipstick options for your 2020 trends.

Tootsies: https://www.artonitmakeup.com/product-page/tootsies

Bisous: https://www.artonitmakeup.com/product-page/bisous

Vincent: https://www.artonitmakeup.com/product-page/vincent