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We are thrilled with the arrival of our new Fall 2019 Makeup Palette The Gemini Moon. This artistic compact carries four eyeshadows and a dual blush glow, and is absolutley GORGEOUS!! This incomparable product will allow you to obtain the perfect mystical look for the upcoming season. ArtOnIt founder, Sergio Escalona, had a set vision of the color selection he wanted for the promotional launch of The Gemini Moon Artistic Compact.

Those were the words of Caroline, a sweet, smart, 17 year old young woman who told us she has always been a bit of a tomboy growing up with older brothers. Sergio Escalona saw the potential she had for one of Artonit's photoshoot sessions and asked her mother if she could be used for the promotion of the Gemini Moon compact to be released this Fall 2019.

How to create a compact palette that reflects the story of the painting was a hard task. The vision for the promotional ad was not any less difficult. It has to be able to reflect both aspects of the painting in one single shoot and we did it!


It is a collection of ideas the artist has or a particular intention when it was created. It's easy to look at a painting and ponder, but the artwork usually goes much deeper than by just looking at it. The artist prefers for the observer to study the art and build a story based on their inquisitive mind. There is always an inspiration, thought process and meaning behind the artwork, but it is the admirer who creates the story based on their perception.

Since the beginning, the idea of the "look" was in mind. The collaboration of Sergio and Orlando is always mesmerizing. They achieved the concept very quickly. However, throughout the photoshoot, several looks were attempted to make sure the message of the painting was reflected properly. Mysterious and fashionably gorgeous is the goal for the Fall 2019 campaign.

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