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Natural Glam Makeup

Natural Glam Makeup

We all want to look beautiful, yet natural. In other words we do want to look like "us" by applying makeup that enhances our natural beauty.

When special occasions arise we usually ask ourselves, "should I book a professional makeup artist?" The answer is Yes!

However, life happens and we can find ourselves in situations where our favorite makeup artist is not around and the only one option left is Do it Yourself Makeup!

That is why it is so important to be able to achieve an impeccable application with a few tools to minimize stress and maximize beautiful results.

The following are a few products used to obtain a natural glam makeup:

Artonit founder, Sergio Escalona, loves to use Aquarelle Visage; an oil free water base foundation infused with vitamins to protect your skin against free radicals giving it a smooth, beautiful matte complexion formulated for all skin types. There are several ways to apply the foundation; from using your fingertips to a variety of brushes that will give you the coverage and finish desire.

When it comes to eyes, we have a one-step-tool Winker 04 an eye-shadow pencil that won't smear or smudge. You don't need to be a pro makeup artist to make your eyes stand out. For an everyday easy look, simply apply the pencil on the bottom of your eye lid and blend up to the crease with your fingertips (left image). If you want to glam your eyes a bit more just apply the eye pencil on the lower lash line and water line. (right image)

This next product is super convenient when it comes to cheek color and contour. Angel Path artistic compact carries a blush and bronzer in a portable piece of art. To contour the face, first suck in your cheeks and apply the bronzer under your cheekbones. Secondly, smile to apply the blush on the apple cheeks and sweep and swirl the blush outwards towards the ear. Simple right? It has never been easier!

We are true believers of the lips trinity.

Here is why: The lip liner will define your lips as it acts as a barrier to stop the lipstick from bleeding or getting into the fine lines around the mouth.

The lipstick is the dress of your lips, the one that is actually adding the color and finish you choose, while the lip-gloss is an add-on shine or iridescence for a luscious and supple looking lips. The lips trinity used on this D.I.Y tutorial are Esquisse 10 lip-liner , Renoir lipstick and *I Like That lip cream (*BEST SELLER)

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