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Aquarelle Visage | ArtOnIt's New Liquid Foundation

Aquarelle Visage | ArtOnIt's New Liquid Foundation


ArtOnIt founder, Sergio Escalona, has released a new liquid foundation that is a must have.

Aquarelle Visage is a water based foundation, which works great if you are looking for lightweight coverage and a natural, yet flawless finish. "Aquarelle Visage" is french for "Watercolor Face." Nothing says ArtOnIt more than applying "watercolor" on your gorgeous facial canvas.

Aquarelle Visage is infused with vitamins, and it gives you a flawless, natural look. The foundation is so lightweight, it feels as if you are not wearing any makeup. Studies have shown that water based foundation is healthier for the skin, especially for people who have oily skin. Water based foundation is also less likely to clog up pores, and we all know clogged up pores may cause breakouts on people who have acne prone skin. Thus, you will have a smooth, radiant face, yet your skin will still be able to breathe. Aquarelle Visage works well for all skin types, and there are 12 shades for you to choose from.

ArtOnIt still carries its original liquid foundation, Teint de Jeunesse. Teint de Jeunesse is a luminous anti-aging foundation that will leave your "visage" looking healthy and radiant. I have personally tried both foundations and they both work amazing and provide great coverage. I would definitely use Teint de Jeunesse for more special occasions as it covers up a bit more. However, for every day use, Aquarelle Visage is the way to go. Nevertheless, both foundations are perfect, and offer great coverage while feeling natural.

If you are looking for an everyday foundation, then Aquarelle Visage is waiting to paint your world of beauty.

Now exclusively at

Bella Rinova Salon

River Oaks District,

Houston, TX 77027

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